I've been doing a lot of looking into getting an eReader lately, and I think I've pretty much decided that I want one.  This one.

Yeah, there's the whole ease of use, the clutter free way to read.  Plus there are plenty of copyright free books that I can download and read.  But there's a whole other reason that I didn't really realize until recently!

Independently published books!  A lot of these books are cheap, some are free.  They're books that don't get picked up but may still be good to read. Because they're independently published, most of the money spent on it goes directly to the author.  Also, no wasted resources because no books are being printed unless there's actually a demand.  (Then authors can use particular sites to print books on demand.)

I think it's great, and it's something I honestly would love to be a part of even if I'm only reading.  It's very inspiring. To me anyway.  I mean breaking into the publishing industry has always seemed so impossible to me.  You're at the whims of other people who tell you what you need to do and can't guarantee anything.  They may do what they think is best, but it may not be what's best.  Plus you'd have to pay for resources used, like books printed that don't get sold, and pay for marketing and hope they do right by you.

But this way it's in your own hands.  That's something I think I can definitely get behind.  Plus all the books hosted on that site are DRM free which I think is awesome.  It's actually a true free market.

Yeah, I'm kinda excited about this.  I hope to keep this feeling and use it to keep myself motivated.  I have plenty of ideas and a lot of work to do.
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Walking my cat

Yes, I walk my cat.  In the morning, after I've taken my walk and showered and brushed my teeth and generally stalled long enough, I'll catch her eye and almost see her wag her tail.  With a loud pleading mew, she hops to the door and looks back expectantly, waiting for me to open the door and let her out.

This wasn't a problem before.  Something happened the last time we took her to the vet.  Suddenly, she just realized there was an entire world out there, and she wanted to see it.  This lead to her practically crying in front of the door, and once that phase was over, watching the door closely for its weaknesses.  (And she would have gotten away with it too... if not for her lack of thumbs.)  Eventually, she took to shooting out of the door when someone would come in or out.  For a while, her timing was off, and it was easy to just fake her out and put her out of the way.  But then she got better and would actually make it outside.

As first, she didn't go very far.  She would just run outside and smell the ground, bat some bees in the plants.  But she's getting bolder now.

So I put her on a leash and took her for a walk.  We've had the leash for a while, but her and Trouble were more happy to bat at it and drag it around the house.  She didn't resist the leash the first time I'd put it on her.  We've been slowly working up this moment.  I'd put the leash on her for fun.  A couple of times before this we went outside with her on the leash just to stand there in front of the apartment while she sniffed the ground.

But now she's moving and fast.  The key is that I pretty much let her be in control.  I have boundaries she's not allowed to go though.  When she reaches them, I stand still and hold the leash and calmly say, "no."  It's usually a matter of patience.  No need to tug on the leash or pick her up or yell at her.  I just wait and she'll eventually pick a different direction.  Right now, we're pretty much avoiding the parking lot.  I'm hoping that if she gets out, she'll remember those are places that she won't want to go for some reason.  

So far it's worked.  When she gets out she goes running into the property and not towards the parking lot.  Unfortunately, because she's got the lay of the land she goes running "like a greyhound" as Jay pointed out.  But her and I are still pretty much working on this thing.

It does seem to wear her out though.  Like now, instead of crawling on me and bugging me, she's asleep behind me (and practically snoring).  And a cute kitty is a sleeping kitty.  Nothing cuter than that!
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Fun afternoon project

So, I get to decorate my office for holidays and just plain ol' fun right? I went out looking for neutral window clings, but apparently searching in the month of October is much too late for that.  Target had window gels which were pretty cool, but not super versatile and they were$6 a pop.  Even though I'm not spending my money, but the petty cash office money, I still felt bad spending that much on something I  didn't think would be worth it.

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Pretending to be an adult

Hopefully this will last long enough for me to get the house in order, but lately I've been feeling like cleaning things up and organizing/semi-decorating.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled the boxes out of my closet and from the living room to organize them and condense them and stuff.   This meant that I got to spend an afternoon playing video games in the name of organization.  I cleaned my NES games and took stock of what I have and what's not working.  Anything that we got new still works perfectly and has instructions and whatever other documentation came with it.  But there's a lot of stuff I got from people who just didn't want their games anymore, and most of those weren't working.  

Can NES carts feel a lack of love or do some people take their carts swimming or something?  Even my Zelda carts are still saving like new.  *knocks on wood*  And I swear we played the heck out of those games in order to finish them.

Today I spent the day doing a proper cleaning.  I wiped down the outside windows and screens (braving spider webs galore), dusted, and wiped down the kitchen counter.   Jay vacuumed and cleaned the cat litter.  I "mopped" the floors.  And together, we made room on our DVD shelf for the anime that mad_migy_9 left us.

The house doesn't actually look different at the moment, but it really is cleaner, and it feels good.  Our next plan is to one of these days get a shelving unit I can use to display all my game systems so that I can get them out of the closet and leave room for other stuff in the closet (like all my comic books which are right now in the middle of the bedroom).

Anyway, any transformation takes time, so I'm not really killing myself here.  Just when I feel an urge, I start tackling things, cleaning up, organizing, getting rid of stuff.  There's still lots to go!

My workspace

This is my own special little workspace at the moment.  I cleaned it up a while back, moved some things around to make it a little more friendly for me.  Mostly, it was a project to procrastinate.
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Questions from Mad_migy_9

Leave a comment saying ":D" and:
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions

1) Do you think you and Jay will ever actually get married (I know you're fine with just being together, just curious tis all) and possibly having children one day?

This is one we sort of get a lot, but surprisingly never from my parents!  Jay was very upfront about his ideas on marriage, so I went into this relationship knowing that.  Even if I tease him about it sometimes, I'm pretty sure we won't get married and if we did I'd take him to the doctor before hand to make sure he was in his right mind.

As for the children thing, I actually can't have children very easily.  I take that as a sign from a higher power that it's not meant to be, and I'm cool with that.  I make a much better auntie.

2) Given where you are now, how happy are you with your life and what direction would you like it be going?

This is a good question.  I think if I'm honest with myself, the direction I'm going in frightens me.  I worry a lot about my future and I worry a lot about money.  But I am happy now which worries me too.  Maybe I'm going for short term happiness and foregoing long term happiness.  But I've always held a belief that things work out.  Opportunities present themselves so long as I try to be a good person and try to do what I think is right.

3) What is the one thing you would most like to do in/with your life?

I have thought about this a lot recently.  Originally, I was thinking about what career I'd like to spend the rest of my life in, and I couldn't think of one really.  Anything I could think of I could imagine myself getting bored or tired of it after a while.   

So today, right now, I'd say that what I want to do is travel, learn (about things and people), teach, and write.  These are things I'm pretty much doing right now with the exclusion of traveling, but we'll get to that.

4) Have you ever considered trying to publish any of the writing you've ever done? (I know you did that nanowrimo thing)

I also have that story blog of mine. ;)  Yes, I have given serious thought to publishing.  Sharing that story blog of mine has so far been positive and very interesting.  The conversations that have cropped up have been so much fun and have shown me that a story lives when being read and that it has a secret life that I'm not even aware of.  People notice things or connect things that I'd never connected myself.

My gut (see, she wears this beret and has a fake snooty mustache she's always twirling) is the one that tells me when things are right.  I found a binder with my old stories, and she was the one who insisted that we had something there, but that we had to start over.  She's the one directing the show for the most part right now, so when it's time she'll tell me.

5) What do you miss most from your childhood?

I can't really think of a single thing.  I suppose it helps that I probably have everything that was ever important to me, lol.  But I don't really miss anything. 

Looking for distractions

I'm supposed to be writing, instead I decided to analyze my writing.

Out of five samples this is what I got:

Twice (I got this one first and third)

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Twice (second and fourth)

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Once, oddly my last sample.

I write like
Jane Austen

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I was tempted to say that it's random, but I think I see a pattern.  Austen came up when I put in text that included a scene between two characters.  Not a love scene exactly, but the prelude to a love story technically.  Steven King came up on things that were mainly dialog heavy.  Vonnegut came up when I sampled Paula's voice.

I guess this is good, right?  This means that I probably am actually getting separate voices down.  Yeah?  I'll pretend that's what it means.  Each piece I analyzed was from different characters.

Anyway, back to work or bed which ever comes first.

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Well I thought it was cute!

I have had a little too much trouble with posting this. It was just a quick little animation that I did on the DS this afternoon using a program called Flickbook. It's a very complex yet easy to use program. I didn't really read the directions on the web site, so I went with some hands on training for fun. Less than halfway through, I discovered that I could indeed copy pictures.

If that doesn't work (and if my night so far has been any indicator, it won't) the direct link is here.

I do have pictures from Fanime and our adventure with the Sand Dune of DOOM tonight. Those were fun, but now I got a kitty in my lap who is pretty and purring, and I'd rather not disturb her because she's doing me a favor.
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