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An experiment in nerdiness

29 January 1980
Formerly studyofme, I've found that my journal is no longer a study of me, but more of a way to keep in touch with my friends.

I'm Puerto Rican and German, and last child out of four, but only the second actually born within the US who was raised with English as her first language. Both of my parents learned English as adults. It was a third language for my mother who spoke Lithuanian at home while learning German in school and a second for my father who spoke only Spanish until the age of 26.

Ages in my family are very spread out. My mother was 17 when she met my father who was 36 at the time, but due to his Puerto Rican genes, he didn't look older than 20. My first two siblings were born a year apart and grew up speaking German. The next sibling was born about ten years later, and I was born six years after that meaning that my oldest sister was 17 when I was born.